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What Is The Best Treatment For Vitiligo?

Is Vitiligo Easy To Be Cured

I believe the answer is obvious. The reason why you ask this question is because you meet difficulty, right? Data and reality prove that vitiligo is hard to treat indeed. But can vitiligo be cured? Look at the cases around us, you will be surprised to find that some vitiligo patients get recovery. Quite magical!


Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital UM-D expert groups use lots of data to tell vitiligo patients friends:

Vitiligo development needs several stages:

Although vitiligo is white color, the white degree and nature are different. According to our clinical observation, we can divide vitiligo color to be four degrees, also called vitiligo chroma:

Ⅰdegree is light white edge, usually not very clear. The boundary is fuzzy, presenting cloudy shape; the epidermis texture is normal; hair follicle is usually normal, no occlusion phenomenon. I degree light white spots are usually in development stage(activity stage). Once develop, the development rapid will be quite quick and needs badly control. Children's type light white spots, the chroma and shape will keep unchanged for many years. But with age increase and body growth, the white spots also enlarge gradually.

Ⅱdegree milk white spots edge is clear or fuzzy;the epidermis texture starts to be fuzzy, and few vitiligo patients or the same vitiligo patient has epidermis texture that is loom, but not clear. As a whole, most texture is still clear. Hair follicle is closed for only few vitiligo patients white areas or partial white areas.

Ⅲ cloudy white spots edge is basically clear, and epidermis texture is most unclear. Hair follicle is mainly closed.

Ⅳporcelain white spots have white ceram color and gloss, which can reflect light. Epidermis texture, hair follicle almost disappear. Local blood circulation has serious barrier, and white spots re almost rigid and thickened. The disease course is quite long, the treatment effect is not satisfied.

Therefore, if you get vitiligo, don't delay time. You need to make an appointment with specialized vitiligo hospital to make scientific treatment as soon as possible. Don't use treatments that are not verified by science blindly, wasting money and missing the best treatment time.

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What is The Best Treatment for Vitiligo

There are many therapies for vitiligo. The large classification is: traditional Chinese medicines, Ayurveda, allopathy, homeopathy and etc, having their feature. The specific treatments include traditional Chinese medicines, chemical medicines, Chinese steam, phototherapy, skin-grafting, laser, acupuncture and etc. Many vitiligo will feel a headache to judge which is the best treatment.

In fact, the best treatment is the treatment most suitable for patients themselves. Although patients get vitiligo, and the skin color is white, from race, disease type, positions, age, disease time, and disease forming principle, different patients have different condition. Vitiligo is a multifactorial disease, related to immunity, trace elements deficiency, enzyme deficiency, inheritance and etc.

Therefore, Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital UM-D experts group indicate that, vitiligo treatment should obey the principle- don't follow the trend. Vitiligo is a disease that can be cured, but not everyone uses some cream and then the disease can be cured. Many years' failed experience tell us that the most important point is to choose professional hospital and scientific treatment. The earlier you treat it, the more the remained melanophore, and the better the effect.

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What is The Best Treatment Medicines for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is most easy to spread. And vitiligo treatment stresses expectant treatment. Only scientifically find out what is the cause of your vitiligo and melanin deficiency degree, doctors can make specific treatment plans for you according to patients' vitiligo condition. Only in this way can patients reach a good treatment effect. So what is the best medicine for vitiligo treatment?

The question itself is wrong. The best medicine maybe not suitable for every patient. Besides, single medicine treatment is far from enough systematical treatment.

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How to Judge The Treatment Effect of Medicines

Some vitiligo patients purchase medicines on line. There are three possibilities:

First, the medicine is good but not suitable for you. So for your condition, it is not the best. Even play the adverse effect.

Second, the medicines are not regular, even some medicines are healthy care medicine. So it can not play good effect on vitiligo treatment.

Third, vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease caused by factors, so the treatment plan should be from various aspects. Various therapies can cooperate with each other and just rely on single medicine can not reach the purpose to treat vitiligo.

So the best treatment medicines are the treatment plans suitable for your condition.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital UM-D experts groups indicate that vitiligo patients should find specialized vitiligo hospitals first. Because in synthetic hospital,the treatment experience is less than specialized vitiligo hospitals. Specialized vitiligo hospital has comparatively complete medical equipments and faculty for single disease. Long-term treatment has accumulated plenty of experiences. Besides, patients should obey doctors' suggestion before treatment. Professional doctors' treatment plans are based on clinical experience and lots of data. Most vitiligo patients persist on doctors' suggestion and then will get different effect. Vitiligo is not scared, the wrong way is scared.

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Which is the Best Vitiligo Hospital In The World?

The best is a comparative word. As a vitiligo patient, how to judge whether this hospital can treat your disease or not, and whether the vitiligo hospital is most suitable for you?

The judge principle is: if this hospital can most be beneficial to my vitiligo treatment.

Here are several judgments for vitiligo patients for reference:

First, the vitiligo hospital's rank: if it has certain rank in specialist areas.

Second, the vitiligo hospital's scale: usually, the large hospital floor space is above 20,000 square.

Third, the professional degree: if it is focused on one disease researches and treatment.

Forth, the treatment feature: if the hospital has special treatment methods.

Fifth, the treatment is single or not: combine with modern technology on the basis of ancient experience.

Six, treatment cases: experienced hospital treatment cases are usually more than million cases. Lots of treatment experiences will promote new treatment mode and experiences. Lots of patients will make people feel the successful experiences.

Seventh, on-site visit: if possible, you can ask your friend or yourself to come to the hospital to do on-site visit. Even you can consult the patients treated in the hospital

The above are the introductions about how to distinguish good vitiligo hospitals, not as standards, just for reference. If you think it is suitable for you, you can have a try.

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