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What Are The Symptoms of Vitiligo?

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patients1. The “tags” of vitiligo patients. --The symptoms of vitiligo

1) . The location of vitiligo: The vitiligo is easy appears on the area received sunshine or friction frequently, such as face, neck, belly, arm, and the backside of finger.

2) The shape of vitiligo: The typical white spots often as big as a coin, and in a shape of round or oval. During the late stage, the white spots could connect each other to form a big white patch, no matter what shape the white patch is, the white patches usually have the pigmentation edges or the pigmented spots looks like island inside the white patches. Another typical vitiligo is the stripe shape depigmentation patches along the nerve, the edges of the patches are very smooth.

2. How to discover the vitiligo early?

1) The disease area usually not itch. If the itch happened, it should in a very low level in feeling.

2) Only 1-2 depigmentation spots appears at early stage, and usually appear on the skin that exposure to the sun.

3) Besides the depigmentation, the diseased area is same as normal skin, without inflammation or other symptoms. If any symptoms above appeared and no other skin diseases occurred, it could be the starting stage of vitiligo.

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