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The Difference Between Tinea Versicolor and Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

 the difference between the tinea Versicolor and vitiligo What are the difference between the tinea Versicolor and vitiligo, Sweat spots are also called Tinea versicolor. It is a kind of skin disease that we feel confuse with the vitiligo. Because both of this two disease have a similar symptoms. Especially when the early symptoms of vitiligo are not obvious, it will be easily to diagnose wrongly.

Then what is the tinea versicolor ? It is a kind of disease that lead by fungus. The skin lesion looks like light white color, most of skin lesion part presents circle shape, or oval patches, the boundaries looks blurry shape. There are some fine scales on the tinea versicolor surface. The patient’s skin surface have refraction. So we can find the fungus under the microscopy. Tinea versicolor is more common in young people group. It mainly occur mainly in the developed sebaceous gland area. Such as the chest, back, cervical and upper extremity part.

Vitiligo is a kind of acquired skin disease, which is due to deficiency of melancytes. It is not caused by fungus,if we didn’t find any fungus under microscope. For patient with vitiligo, their vitiligo area looks like red after sunburning, even blister, and they will feel burning sensation. After the inflammation, white patches can become more bigger than before. The skin lesion can occur on any part, such as on the dorsal, wrist, forearm, face, neck, genitalia area. Skin lesion completely depigmentation and looks like porcelain color. The white patches shape looks different, boundaries are clear for stable phase of vitiligo, the surface are no scaly. Excessive sweating will not aggravate the vitiligo.

It is important to distinguish vitiligo and tinea versicolor, then diagnose it as vitiligo first, It is the basis for effective treatment of patients with vitiligo. At the time of treatment, do not confuse vitiligo and sweat stain, so as not to aggravate or delay the treatment of vitiligo.

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