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What is The Isomorphic Reaction of Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

What is the isomorphic reaction of vitiligoToday I’m going to introduce you what is the isomorphic reaction ? The isomorphic reaction is that after the normal skin get injured , it will induce vitiligo. Vitiligo’s isomorphic reaction mean after getting injured, or skin inflammation, the local part will have some white patches or the white patches expand. The isomorphic reaction is a common clinic presentations of vitiligo patients, It also is one of the inducing factors of vitiligo.

Isomorphic reaction mostly occur at the developing stage of vitiligo, if isomorphic reaction occur on the stabilize stage, it reminds that the state of illness getting worse. The isomorphic reaction mostly occur after the external injury, or soft skin tissues get infected. Generally after skin injured one month, but it must be the epidermis layer or the dermis that is damaged. If only the stratum corneum is damaged , it will not lead to isomorphic reaction.

The isomorphic reaction’s occur might related to damage of the melancytes in the basal cell layer. During process of wound healing the cell will release certain cell factor, free radical, Lymphocytic infiltration, cytotoxic substances produced by bacteria in wounds. The vitiligo’s isomorphic reaction is considered to autoimmune phenomenon. The study statistics indicate that external medicine stimulus, and all skin inflammation, such as the drug dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema, urticaria, local skin infection, trauma, surgery, friction oppression all can make vitiligo white patches aggravate.

The key to avoid occurring of the isomorphic reaction is prevent skin get injure.This is the criteria of the isomorphic reaction. So during the treatment, We also should avoid using the external medicine that irritated to skin as well as the photochemical therapy, autologous epidermal grafting and so on.

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