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How to Recognize the Early Symptoms of Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

How to recognize the early symptoms of vitiligoThe early symptoms for vitiligo is white patches, there is no other obvioussymptoms. So sometimes it is hard to diagnose it as vitiligo, so it also easily to be ignored by people. It is necessary to know the early symptoms of vitiligo, which can help you to judge if you have suffered from vitiligo. So that patient can treat this disease as soon as possible. Then what are the early symptoms of vitiligo ?

1. Vitiligo can occur on any part of the body skin, especially for head, neck, and trunk, genital area etc.

2. Vitiligo can present irregular size, single or multiple irregular white patches upon skin layer. White patches area gradually increased, the number of the white spot also increase.

3. Vitiligo are prone to appear on the exposure part which easily get sunburn.

4. The lesions are present pure white or irregular depigmentation spots, generally to say that the surface looks smooth,without scaling or crusting. Their sensation and secretory function are normal.

5. the hair over white patches area may look like white color, it may also normal color, or black alternate with white. The treatment effect are relative poor when the hair become white color, after disappearing of the white patches hair can return to the original color.

The golden time to treat vitiligo is the early stage, it also have the higher chance to get cure. But many patients didn’t go to the standard hospital treat their vitiligo. It already miss the best period to treat vitiligo.

The UVB treatment is only a temporay way to treat this disease, when you stop using this therapy, it will rebound again, and become more serious than before.

As this skin disease, the symptoms are show on the skin, but the real cause is inside the blood. So you need to combine the TCM and medical equipment to treat this disease. The TCM have various medicines. and we have to according the various factors examination index to decide the medicines that we are using.

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