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VITILIGO Causes, symptoms, types

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

The cause for vitiligo ,it is very hard to describe the main reason for viitligo .but followed this year research shows up that :heredity , autoimuunuity , neurochemistry ,self-destruction of melanocytes,miciroelement shortage ,other factors such as :truama inluding the injuries ,surgery ,itch also can cuase the vitiligo .some other endocrine disease :hyperthyroidism ,diabetes also concomitant with vitiligo.exposure under the sun cause the vitiligo .

The pathogenesis of vitiligo are various , all have their own basement ,but one-sideness . for the moment all think that vitiligo have the heredity factor ,under the internal with external factor ,the immunity system and nerve internal secretion metabolism etc function disorder ,cause the suppression of the enzyme system or destory the melanocytes or block for the formation for the melanin ,then cause the pigment .also the when the people stuck into the tension emotion the epinephrine expend increases ,but the dopamine product the epinephrine ,so the melanin synthesis decrease .

The copper element and ceruloplasmin is ver low ,that is why cause the lower activefor tyrosinase .then influence the metabolism the malanin .

Except all the mentioned before ,some other chemaical substaince and photosensitive drug also can lead this skin disease .

pathogenesis :the vitiligo pathogenesis may come from the damage of the skin layer (epidermis and dermis ) the function of the tryosinase in melanocytes was lost ,then make the tyrosine turns into dopamine in the trouble .so the malenin production be blocked

Second ,clinical manifestation

The syptom and sign

Normally shows up in the youth ,before the 20 years old

The facial and neck ,hand etc expose part and more pigment ruge part of the body like vulva and anus .

The white pacthes are different acreage,different shape ,some are single

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