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Children vitiligo symptoms and classifications

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

In recent years, the children vitiligo patients increasing largely. The children vitiligo treatment needs their family members pay enough attentions. Any disease delayed too long will arouse some complications, especially the children with low immunity. If they not receive the treatment earlier, it’s easy to brought some complications such as diabetes, kidney disease and etc. There are a brief introduction about the children vitiligo symptoms and classifications.

The symptoms of children vitiligo in the early stage.

The children vitiligo in the early stage it’s depigmentation degree is quite light, the edge of vitiligo with the normal skin around it is quite unclear. The children vitiligo in the early stage have no itch feelings, even if the vitiligo patients with light itch feelings, it’s quite light, the number of depigmentation spots is quite few, it’s about one to two patches, most of the vitiligo in the exposure areas. Except for the pigment loss symptoms, the skin lesions have not difference with the normal skin.

Classification of vitiligo.

The vitiligo often classified into two types, one is vitiligo vulgaris and segmental vitiligo. Among it, the vitiligo vulgaris divided into sporadic, generalized or acral vitiligo.

The localized vitiligo often singly shot or multiple shot in certain part of their vitiligo. It’s often distribute symmetrically. The general vitiligo often developed from the sporadic vitiligo, the white spots will merged together into large patches and present in irregular shape. Sometimes only small area skin still remain in normal color.

The acral vitiligo start from the legs and arms of vitiligo patients, this kind of vitiligo mainly distribute in arms and legs.

Segmental vitiligo often present in one or several patches, it will distribute along certain nerve segments of their skin, normally singly distribute.

The vitiligo also can divided into incomplete vitiligo and complete vitiligo.

The complete vitiligo present in pure white or porcelain white, there are no pigment generated in their white spots. The melanocyte in the vitiligo tissue function completely loss or partly loss.

The incomplete vitiligo present the pigment in the vitiligo sites not loss completely, there are still some pigment dots in their vitiligo sites, the melanocyte number in their vitiligo tissues will decrease or the function of the melanocyte damaged.

The children vitiligo patients is increasing in recent days, vitiligo patients had better take preventive measures for their vitiligo in our daily life, the onset rate of children vitiligo will largely decrease. Some negative emotions such as anxious, angry and etc all might induce vitiligo. Vitiligo patients had better take exercise properly to decrease their mental pressures.

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