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Why The Vitiligo Is A Severe And Lingering Disease

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Over the years, vitiligo is a stubborn chronic skin disease that bothered doctors and patients. Therefore, a great number of people regard it as an incurable disease. In fact, although the vitiligo difficult to treat, the vitiligo is not untreatable.
The vitiligo could not been cure in a long time, the major reasons include:
1. Use medicines before figured out the pathogenesis, the treatment plan is not created scientifically.
Vitiligo is known as severe and lingering disease before. It is usually caused by vitiligo patients eager for the treatment and wants to be cured soon. Therefore, they might seek the Western medicines today, see Chinese medicines tomorrow, and find the folk prescriptions another day, thus couldn’t accept the systemic, formal treatments. The effect of course not good.
A number of patients did not conclude the dermatologists when they found the vitiligo spots. On the opposites, they collected some folk prescriptions and informal medicines, which lead the mistake diagnosis, and improper treatment. Some patients, without point type stable vitiligo also performed skin grafting, usually, the vitiligo spread largely after the grafting.
Many vitiligo patients did not pay enough attention to the white spots until the vitiligo spots spread to the exposed areas, and caused seriously loss of melanin, the enlargement of white spots, and vitiligo aggravation. If patients realized to take systemic treatments until aggravation, they not only waste their money, but also influenced their personal figures, which the difficulty of the curing.
3. Use the medicines blindly.
Many patients use medicines without professional suggestions; only depending on the specifications; don’t divide the medicines by type, or pathogenesis; treat vitiligo with a fluke thought. However, the treatment of vitiligo is not all that easy.
4. Careless diet.
Part of patients like spicy or stimulating food during daily life, such as chili, mustard, seafood they all could lead the aggravation of vitiligo, therefore, the patients should majorly take light diet.
5. Internet addiction and unstable family structures could lead to the long term depression and anxiety, plus the external stimulating, they all can cause ineffective treatments to vitiligo.
Vitiligo is a stubborn chronic skin diseases due to the loss of pigment, the therapies of vitiligo should combine the pathogenesis, type, characters, stages and many other factors together to create the treatment plan.

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