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What Should The Parents Do If The Children Gain The Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patientsWhat should the parents do if the children gain the vitiligo:

Firstly, don’t feel panic; don’t use medicines blindly. Children are the future of family. Some parents easily fall in panic once they found the children gain vitiligo. A part of parents might treat the children blindly, thus, missed the best opportunities ti cure vitiligo and lead the vitiligo spreading. Therefore, once the parents found their children got vitiligo, they should get the children to professional dermatology hospital to diagnosis and treat vitiligo. Proper treatment plan and active cooperation with doctors are the keys to beating vitiligo.

Secondly, don’t be anxious about the treatment; “ Haste makes waste”. The treatment for vitiligo usually take longer time, moreover, every vitiligo child has various differences in pathogenesis, diseased area, individual characters and living style, therefore, the treatment also different. Parents should continue to adhere to the treatment for children, choose scientific therapies.

Thirdly, don’t believe in folk prescription to cure the vitiligo totally. A number of parents will collect some folk prescriptions to treat vitiligo, once they found the vitiligo spots on their children, but not accept scientific treatments in formal hospitals. Here we need admonish patients and parents: the majority vitiligo folk prescriptions don’t have scientific bases. If parents randomly use folk prescriptions, it could be useless and even being serious toxic side effect, even influence their natural growth. Therefore, parents should build scientific therapy view, believe in science, refuse folk prescriptions or secret recipes. Scientific therapy is the only way to defeat vitiligo.

Fourthly, don’t only focus on therapies but neglect the health regulation. During the therapy of vitiligo, parents not only need active cooperation with doctors, but also need to take care of the children’s diet, physical and psychological health. Parents are required to adjust diet plans, let the children protect skin well, actively exercises and so on to improve children’s immunity to aid the vitiligo therapy.

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