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Prevent The Reappearance Of Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patientAfter the recovery of vitiligo, if the patients don’t pay attention, the vitiligo could replace. Therefore, it is very important to consolidate the therapy to prevent the replacement.

1. Strengthen personal physique, increase the resistance to virus. Let the spirit relax. Long-term anxious, nervous and unpleasant emotions could stimulate vitiligo. Therefore, vitiligo patients should keep an optimistic mental state.

2. Healthy living and work environment. Humid residence, rain wet, wind cold, over-exposure in the sunshine, scratch all could lead the vitiligo replace.

3. Keep away from diseases, and prevent infection. External injuries such as chilblain, scald all could lead the recur.

4. Stick to the treatment, consolidate the therapy. After the clinical recovery, vitiligo patients’ immunity and micro-circulation might not return to normal. Therefore, after the disappearance of white spots, patients should take another consolidation therapy period.

5. Vitiligo patients should firm in treatment, don’t hesitate. When patients find vitiligo spots, they’d better diagnosis and check in dermatology hospital as soon as possible. Short history and small white spots are easier to be cured.

6. Balance the diet, take abundant nutrition. The diet is a key way for vitiligo patients to regulate their body. Healthful diet could reinforce the treatment effect.

7. Avoid external injuries, UV radiation and harmful substances.

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