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How To Prevent Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patientThe happens of vitiligo is close relate to the unhealthy factors in everyday life. A number of vitiligo patients gain the white spots because of the unhealthy lifestyle. Preventing the vitiligo is required to care for daily life, a healthy life is the guarantee to avoid vitiligo.

1. Avoid damage from environment and food pollution. Narrow the harmful substance that breathed in. Don’t do vigorous exercise next to roads or in the smoggy place. Wash the vegetables and fruit several times until clear to reduce the toxic remaining such as pesticides.

2. Correct the bias diet. Develop a good diet habit, have a balanced meal and reasonable nutrition play a major role to prevent vitiligo. Eat more black food such as black sesame, black soy beans and etc.

3. Strengthen self-cultivation, and stay for emotional well-being. The happens and aggravation of vitiligo closely relate to mental state.

4. Reduce the touch of injurious substances. Avoid the touch of chemical materials, paint coating, and heavy metal salts. Workers who touch the harmful substance frequently need to make a safe labor protection.

5. Decrease the UV light radiation. Long-term exposure to the strong light needs protections such as use parasol or sun block creams.

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