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Vitiligo Patient With Hair Depigmentation

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patientsIn general, the vitiligo is due to the patients’ skin melanocytes damaged, but the hair follicle melanocytes might be preserved well. If the patients’ hair also depigmented, the melanocytes that preserved in hair follicle also get damaged. The hair depigmentation is frequently observed on hair, then on the brow, armpit hair, pubes. However, on the same patient, the hair could be either partially depigmented or totally depigmented. Hair depigmentation could occur symmetrically or asymmetrically, and number of asymmetrical hair depigmentation patients is more.

Vitiligo is a skin depigmentation disease that leaded by the lossing of melanin. If vitiligo aggravated and melanin totally lost, the hair on vitiligo area could turn white also. When the white hair appears, the curing of vitiligo will be more difficult and the medicines usually work slowly on the vitiligo. Nevertheless, hair depigmentation vitiligo patients also could be cured, as long as the patients could consistently in treatment, and proper diet, the vitiligo is curable.

The occurrence of vitiligo is evolutive, if the white hair is leaded by vitiligo, after the vitiligo cured, the white hair will turn into black again. During the therapy period of vitiligo, patients should not use cosmetics blindly, otherwise, it could lead the sooner depigmentation of melanin.

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