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Mucosa Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patientMucosa vitiligo is a localized depigmentation on skin. During to the process of melanin formation, transport, and decompose, any obstacles could influence the metabolism of melanin, thus lead skin or mucosa depigmentation and cause white spots. The vitiligo could occur at any age, on any area of skin or mucosa.

Mucosa vitiligo usually appear on: lips, glans penis, vagina, anus and etc. The vitiligo could happen independently, or with other skin injury. The lips vitiligo is more frequently seen in clinic, and the symptom is the lighter depigmentation with clear edges, the whole lip could be influenced. The lips vitiligo occurrence rate is around 50%.

The mucosa vitiligo patients could accept some physical therapies to reduce the damage. The recovery speed for mucosa vitiligo usually slow, and the therapy need great cooperation from patients. Besides, largely, the mucosa vitiligo initially happens on acra due to the touch of stimulative chemical substances in a long term. Such as the medicines that used for hair dye and perm, therefore, the barbers need to pay attention when touch those medicines.

Vitiligo is a complex disease to cure, and due to the special area, not all therapies are usable, such as the inner lip vitiligo is not suitable for medicine therapy, and also not suitable for operative treatments. The specific treatments should according to the patients’ condition, and patients’ should not treat the vitiligo blindly to prevent the aggravation.

No matter treating what kinds of diseases, the patients should figure out the pathogenesis first and accept the target therapy. If the patient use the medicine therapies blindly without any pathogenesis examinations in formal specialized hospital, the diseases might not be cured and even further lead the medicine resistances. As time passes, patients might gain the drug dependence and lead delayed healing. We suggest the patients had better find the professional, formal, authoritative hospital to treat vitiligo.

Although the vitiligo is a stubborn chronic disease, it is curable. As long as the patients could accept the effective therapy continuously, totally recovery is highly possible.

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