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Seawater-bath Spots and Vitiligo Spots

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo patientDue to the strong UV light in summer, and high temperature usually make public feel too hot. Therefore, the swimming in the ocean or swimming pool become a popular way to relieve summer heat. People who swim in the ocean frequently will find that every time after the swimming, several white spots appeared on their skin. The white spots definitely will lead the depression to those people who really care about their beauty. Thus, many people worry about it those white spots are vitiligo or not.

The white spots after seawater bath usually happens during summer, and on the people who swim in the ocean for a long term. The nature of those white spots belong to the solar leukoderma. The 0.2-2.0 cm size white spots could appear on exposed areas after several times sunshine. Sometimes, the white spots can connect each other and form bigger white patches, and people usually don’t have subjective symptoms. After the late autumn, the white spots could disappear by itself in general. Many vitiligo patients found their initial vitiligo after exposed to the sunlight, and after long time sunshine, vitiligo patients found the white spots spread or enlarged.

The vitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease, and the vitiligo spots are usually lighter than seawater bath spots. If the vitiligo spots appeared, the spots could enlarge or spread even leave the sunshine. Vitiligo spot usually will not disappear by itself. Therefore, people should pay attention to divide the vitiligo spots and seawater bath spots. At the same time, for the determined vitiligo patients, they should pay more attention to avoid strong sunshine, and prevent the aggravation.

The white spots on human skin might not all vitiligo, when the patients found the white spots, they should do a diagnosis in formal hospital with specialist doctors and advanced equipments. The patients should do the scientific diagnosis and systemic examinations, to cure vitiligo in time.

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