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Developing Vitiligo And Stable Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Vitiligo PatientAccording to the vitiligo development, the vitiligo could be clinically divided into developing stage and stable stage. Therefor, how could we separate this two stages and do the targeted therapy?

First of all, see if the vitiligo enlarged. If the white spots did not spread in half year and no new spots appeared, it is stable stage vitiligo. On the opposite, if the white spots spread or new spots appeared, it is developing stage vitiligo.

Secondly, look at the edges. If the white spots have clear edges, or the near by area are pigmented, it should be stable vitiligo. If the edges are not clear and no obvious difference between normal skin, it is developing vitiligo. Usually, the same vitiligo patient has both with clear-edge white spots and unclear-edge white spots, it means a part of the white spots are stable and the other white spots are developing. However, no matter the stable vitiligo and developing vitiligo, as long as the patient has developing stage white spots, the overall patient’ vitiligo is in developing stage.

Thirdly, the stable vitiligo and developing vitiligo could appear alternatively. A stable white spot could turn into developing stage with some stimulation of environment factors.The re-activated white spots usually spread through one side and lead an irregularity shape spot.

Fourthly, the therapies for the developing vitiligo and stable vitiligo are different. For the recovering patients, to prevent the replace, they should consolidate their therapies although the white spots disappeared. The vitiligo patients could be weak in immunity and circulation after recovery, thus the environment changes might influence the therapy result.

If the vitiligo is stay in developing stage, the patients should pay more attentions to avoid stimulation or scratches on skin. The patients should wear some loose, comfortable, cotton clothes and avoid the “same shape” reaction after injuries. Besides, the patients should diagnosis with a doctor or pharmacist before use any medicines to know if it will stimulate the vitiligo.

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