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Vitiligo and Nervous

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Vitiligo PatientThe mental state play an important role in human health. The mental factors usually are the external stimulation that can lead negative emotions such as depression or nervous. In the clinic, we usually find partial patients gain the skin diseases after the mental nervous or negative life events. The Chinese medical defined the diseases caused by “self-created suspision” as the function of mental factors and human emotions. Human have various emotions, and Chinese medical divide them to happy, angry, anxious, worry, sad, fear and surprise seven kinds of emotions. The seven emotions are important factors to cure diseases, such as happy will harm heart, angry will harm liver, worry will harm spleen, sad will harm lung, fear will harm kidney and etc.

Scholars summarized the causes of vitiligo with clinical statistics, and they found about 35% vitiligo cases were caused by mental factors, such as stimulation, over nervous, stress, feeling down, depression and some other factors.

Why the mental factors could lead vitiligo?

1. The bio-metabolic pathways of tyrosinase. Through the histogenesis, melanocytes and never cells are all belong to the ramifications of ectoblast. The melanocytes can product the melanin with the help of tyrosinase, and nerve cells can product the catecholamine with the help of tyrosinase. Catecholamine has similar structures with dopa. When people stay nervous, the sympathetic nerve excited, and the formation of sympathetic catecholamine will produce the competitive inhibition of melanin production.

2. Nervous, endocrine and immunity pathway. Modern researches represent, the psychological stress is able to influence the interaction between central nervous system and immunity system, that interaction is realized through hormones and neuropeptides. Many clinical cases indicated that vitiligo patients usually have various endocrine and immunity disorder, therefore, the mental factors highly lead the vitiligo by influence the nerve-endocrine and immunity immunity system.

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