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Best Diet for vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Vitiligo PatientIf the vitiligo patients could eat properly, the replace rate will be reduced and benefit to the therapy of vitiligo.From the ancient time, the Chinese medical theory believe the homology of medicine and food, and there is no clear edges between many foods and medicines, the proper food could cure the disease, but if the eating is incorrect, the diseases could be heavier. Vitiligo patients have to pay attention on the diet, thus prevent the aggravation.

1. Vitiligo patients should eat less Vitamin C abundant foods or Vitamin C tablets.

The Vitamin C is a common medicine for many regular diseases, but the Vitamin C can reduce the Dopaquinone to dopa and stop the melanin biosynthesis. Vitamin C not only influence the adsorption of copper ion in intestinal tract, but also reduce the activity of copper-oxygenase, and influence the activity of tyrosinase couldn’t provide the nutrition for melanocytes.

2. Vitiligo patients should eat less or avoid glutathione abundant food. When the human lack glutathione in the diet for a long time, the tyrosinase activity get improved. Therefore, the vitiligo patients should eat less or avoid glutathione abundant food, they can eat more eggplants, carrots, Choy sum, celery, and fruits such as grape, walnuts, and apple.

3. Patients should eat more food with abundant tyrosine, cooper and zinc. With the participation of copper, zinc and other microelement, the activity of tyrosinase could improved. Patients could eat more livestock liver, thin meat, soy beans and fresh vegetables.

4. Vitiligo patients mush abandon alcohol and smoke. The nicotine,tobacco tar and carbon monoxide etc. are toxic to majority human organs, which can reduce the oxygen content in blood, reduce immunity function, even lead canceration.

Vitiligo is a stubborn disease in dermatology. The proper diet not only supply the patients with nutrition, but also aid the therapy in a large extent. Thus patients should pay more attention on their diet with the suggestions of doctors to cure the disease and back to normal life.

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