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UM-D Multidimensional Treatment for Vitiligo

UM-D treatment system will pure the blood environment, dredge ion channel and have silicon light effects, then it will maintain the harmony and stability of the iron triangle to treat vitiligo from the cause with a all-wave, and three-dimensional therapies.UM-D treatment system including Chinese Medicine,Excimer,Chinese Bath,Water therapy ....

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Vitiligo

Chinese medicine called vitiligo as BaiBoFeng. Chinese medicine holds that vitiligo caused by the evil wind attack the epidermis, the epidermal skin with poor defensive function, cause the qi and blood deficiency can finally induce vitiligo.... Read more

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Chinese Medicine Fumigation for Vitiligo

Chinese medicine holds that the vitiligo caused by the wind evil attack the epidermis, the muscle texture is not close, the qi and blood disorder and finally cause vitiligo. The Chinese medicine fumigation therapy also called steam therapy, bath therapy, Chinese medicine atomization transdermal therapy. It under the guide of Chinese medicine theory, take advantage of the steam produced by the boiled Chinese medicine, use the large scale medical instrument called fumigation machine to make the Chinese medicine vaporized and ionized and frequented to promote the skin to absorb the medicine and finally achieve it's treatment purpose. This therapy belongs to the external treatment in Chinese medicine...Read More

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Epidermal Grafting to Treat Vitiligo

Epidermal grafting surgery to treat vitiligo is to apply the principle of Instrument pressure. It will transplant the normal part skin epidermis layer to white lesion region, increasing the amount of melancytes in the skin lesion region....Read more

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Excimer Quickly Activate The Melanin Technology

The advanced excimer technology excluded in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital can quickly activate the melanocyte with lower function, increase the melanocyte regeneration function. It can speed up the metabolism of the skin, supply the nutrition to the deep layer melanin and make the skin regenerate evenly and quickly.

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Photo Particles Can Mend The Skin

High frequency biological photo particle instrument can release large amount of photo particles, apply to the basal layer of the epidermis, it can effectively inhibit the abnormal immune, stop the lymphocyte exert specific immune effect to damage the melanocyte and prevent the vitiligo formation.

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Water Optical Trace Elements Bath Therapy

This therapy take advantage of the different temperatures, pressures and solute contents in the water, according to the sick body spectrum adaptation and endurance capacity to assist with photo spectrum treatment, act on the body comprehensively. Add rational matched medicines according to the patient's physical condition, through the water optical to activate the trace elements in the medicines together and make it quickly act on the lesion part to achieve it's quickly treatment object.

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Polymeric Biological Magnetic Therapy

According to the activity of the cells, properly dispense medicines with different medical properties, act on the body via magnetic field. It can make the medical properties influence the electric currents distribution, charge particle's movement, the permeability of the membrane system, the magnetic moment orientation of biological macromolecules and etc through biological magnetic currents. It can make the human body tissue produce the benign mutagenesis to the biochemical and physiological process. It can treat the sick body cells rearrange the immune cells through the biological macromolecule magnetic therapy to treat vitiligo.

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Biofeedback Training

Enlarge the biological signal in the body and to process it. Self adjust the normal feedback information departing from the normal, restore the order of our body from the chaos state. This treatment can effectively control the vitiligo development and increase the treatment effects of white spots color restoration.

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Adjust and Rearrange of The Body Immunity

This treatment is comprehensively integrate many subjects to adjust and rearrange the body immunity. This treatment plan address the uniqueness of individual, treat the body immune reconstruct as principle, treat the regeneration and disappearance speed as base, combine the many medicines with rational proportions to improve the body fluid immune hyperfunction and cell immunity low conditions. It can adjust the body tissue, cell, nerve nutrition state, reconstruct the immune system to prevent it relapse.

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High-energy Biological Polymerization Fumigation Therapy

Use the high-energy biological polymerization instrument to make the Chinese patent medicine directly act on the tissues of the epidermal skin, it can make the lesion skin absorb medicine directly. This treatment make the epidermal layer of the skin to absorb the medicine, the medicine infiltrate into the dermis and finally enter the blood circulation to exert it's medicine function. The advantages of this therapy not only can improve the usage rate of the medicine, it also can promote the blood circulation and metabolism and finally let the poisons in the skin discharged via the sweats.

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Photochemical Composite Engineering

This treatment also called PUVB, that is orally take or external apply the psoralen and other photosensitizer and coordinate the UVA or sunlight to irradiate the white spots to treat vitiligo. This therapy with long history, from the ammimajuslinn seeds used by ancient Egypt to many medicines include some Chinese medicine in the market all based on the same principle. The PUVA is also one of the important treatments for vitiligo at present, it can promote the DNA replication of the melanocyte and increase the number of melanocyte, inhibit the abnormal autoimmunity reaction of vitiligo patients.

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CAS Melanin Gene Intervene Engineer.

The melanocyte gene carrier introduction technology to treat vitiligo. This treatment need a period of time to finish the treatment process.

The healthy melanocyte survive after 10 days of treatment, it form autonomous district of the pigment. The color of the skin lesion improved obviously, under the wood lamp, we can see the normal skin reaction. A few vitiligo patients with longer recovery time, but generally speaking will not longer than half year can restore the normal color.

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Supply The Trace Elements To Nourish The Skin

Make properly trace elements nutrition plan during the treatment period can coordinate with the main treatment. This therapy already formed into a dependent research subject. Vitiligo can properly supply some trace elements during their clinical treatment period can speed up their vitiligo recovery process.

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Meridians Project.

This treatment includes acupoint injection therapy, acupoint thread embedding therapy, Qigong therapy, scrapping cupping therapy, local seal therapy and etc those traditional Chinese external treatments.

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Palliative Treatment.

These treatments includes covering therapy, depigmentation therapy, micropigmentation treatment.

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Super Oxygen Therapy

Super oxygen therapy is the most advanced and effective therapy at present, it already recognized by the leading experts in the vitiligo treatment field from home and abroad, this treatment can quickly activate the composites of cells in the blood and touch off a series of immune response reaction and produce all kinds of immune cells and activate the increase of melanin. The nosogenesis of vitiligo is the tyrosinase gene have mutation changes and the immune function disorder which cause the inside structure of the skin greatly changed, the nutrients of melanin needs can not transfer through blood into the inner skin cells and finally cause the part of epidermis appear pigment loss condition and form white spots on the skin. The super oxygen therapy arouse and repair the mutated tyrosinase factors, catalyze the melanin pigment produce under the tyrosinase reaction, transfer the melanocyte to the skin inner layer and achieve the object to cure vitiligo from the root.

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Mental Assistant Therapy Center

The psychologists cooperate with the attending experts to proceed correspondent mental state guides and mental intervene to adjust the patient's mental state and achieve the purpose of speed up their treatment process according to the vitiligo stages (early stage, middle stage and late stage) and the patient's ages ( children, teenage, youth, middle age, old age).

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Personalize Diet Therapy Plan

Diet therapy is made according to the pathophysiologic characteristics of the vitiligo to achieve the assistant treatment object. It can increase the resistance of the body to promote the tissue repair the metabolic function and correct the nutrients shortage.

Nutrition diet is the diet contains complete nutrition compositions and also with good taste and color will increase their appetite. It also should make the nutrition therapy prescription according to the physiological changes in different development stages. The diet therapy can play a role even bigger than the medicine treatment. So the diet therapy also can not ignored in the treatment process.

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