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Chinese Medical Bath therapy and Chinese Fumigation for Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

bath therapy for vitiligo1. Mechanism of Bath therapy

According to the personal situation of patient, the proper mix of Chinese traditional medicines are added to the bath. Through the combined action of hot water and medicines, the active ingredients will work on the diseased area quicker and reduce the treatment period for vitiligo.


treatment for vitiligo2. Mechanism of Chinese Fumigation

The steam of Chinese traditional medicine will directly work on the diseased area and let the skin “drink” the medicine.The active ingredients absorbed by the skin and transported into the blood circulation through the cuticle and corium layer. The Chinese fumigation can promote the blood circulation and metabolism, remove the toxin in the blood with the sweat.

Adaptation diseases:

Sporadic vitiligo, and universal vitiligo

Contraindication of Treatment:

Acute inflammation, infectious disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, hyperthyroidism, patients in gestation period or menstrual period.

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