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Sanyuan Biochemical Therapy for Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

sanyuan therapy for vitiligo1. Mechanism

Sanyuan Biochemical Therapy Machine use the photodynamic action that produced by infrared light to improve the blood circulation and metabolism of human body. The infrared light focused on the diseased tissues area and absorbed by human body, combined with magnetic field to improve the patient’s immunity, accelerate the speed of blood circulation around diseased area, provides nutrition to the tissues, accelerate the speed of detox, and increase the growth speed of melanophore.

The mainly function of Sanyuan Biochemical Therapy is improve the adsorption of medicines, thus reduce the treatment period.

2. Contraindication of Treatment:

Cardiovascular compensatory dysfunction

Hemorrhagic disorders


Cystolith patients

Patients in gestation period or menstrual period

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