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Light Energy + Conduction Therapy for Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Light energy threapy for vitiligo

Action Mechanism

1. The Light Energy + Conduction Therapy directly worked on the Shenque , Quchi and Neiguan acupoints on patient’s body. Those acupoints communicate with the twelve meridians of human body directly. The Light Energy + Conduction Therapy led the medicine permeate into the diseased area, thus increase the effect of Chinese traditional herbal medicine.

2. Through the effect of light energy, the therapy will transport the nutrition that necessary for melanophore (the cell that can synthesis the melanin) through the microcirculation, and recover the regular function of melanophore.

3. The therapy will recover the damaged melanophore, recall the activity of tyrosinase in serum, and reduce the period of treatments.

4. Light Energy + Conduction Therapy can achieve the goal to dredge the meridians of human body, regulate the internal organs and immunity system, promote the blood circulation and microcirculation, promote the re-pigment of disease area.

Contraindication of Treatment:

The injured skin or broken skin

Redness skin or blister after other treatment

Hand, oxter, mouth and mucosa area

Patients with cardiac pacemaker or heart stent



The therapies described above should be performed under the suggestions of professional specialists. Patients should not perform the therapy by themself. Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital will not take the responsibility for the damage that caused by the therapy performed without the suggestions of professional specialists.

For the patients who decide to come to Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital and accept the treatments, the detailed treatment project should be created by the professional specialists, and the patients should fellow the suggestions of our specialists first. If the patients have any other illness or special situations, please acknowledge the specialists before the treatments.

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