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Chinese medicine fumigation to treat vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Chinese medicine fumigation to treat vitiligo1. What is Chinese medicine fumigation to treat vitiligo?

Chinese medicine holds that the vitiligo caused by the wind evil attack the epidermis, the muscle texture is not close, the qi and blood disorder and finally cause vitiligo. The Chinese medicine fumigation therapy also called steam therapy, bath therapy, Chinese medicine atomization transdermal therapy. It under the guide of Chinese medicine theory, take advantage of the steam produced by the boiled Chinese medicine, use the large scale medical instrument called fumigation machine to make the Chinese medicine vaporized and ionized and frequented to promote the skin to absorb the medicine and finally achieve it’s treatment purpose. This therapy belongs to the external treatment in Chinese medicine.

As early as in warring states period, there are the records in the Inner Cannon of Huangdi, there are sayings take the message and then take the bath. The LiYuJiaoWen this book points out the theory of external treatment is also the theory of internal treatment; medicine for external treatment is also the medicine for the internal treatment. The only difference is how to use it. The practice proved that the treatment effects of Chinese medicine fumigation is directly, the treatment effects is good, with wide apply ranges, have no toxic and side effects. This treatment welcomed by many skin disease patients especially vitiligo patients.

2. The principle of Chinese fumigation to treat vitiligo?

Skin is our largest organ, with largest area and many hair pores. Except it have protect effects to defense against external evil invasion, it also have the effects of secret, absorb, infiltration, excretion, senses and many other functions. The Chinese fumigation therapy is take advantage the physiological characteristics of the skin to make the medicine adsorbed by the epidermal layer of the skin, infiltrate by the keratoderma and transported by the dermis and then enter into the blood circulation and exert pharmacological effects.

3.Chinese fumigation concentrate the Chinese medicine therapy, thermal therapy, steam therapy and Chinese medicine ions infiltrate therapy and many other functions. Merge the heat, damp, medicine concentrate into a whole body. Find out the causes of the disease to treat, the medicine prescribed according to the symptoms of the disease, it can effectively treat many skin diseases. This treatment can under the control of the computer, boil the Chinese medicine. It saved the traditional complex process that boil the medicine into liquid first. This treatment directly act on the body via a steady flow of medicine steam. It can dilate the blood vessels of the skin, promote the blood circulation of the surface skin tissue, improve the skin absorb effects, promote the sweat glands secret in large amount and accelerate the metabolism of the skin. The Chinese medicine particles (molecules and ions) escape from the fumigated medicine acted on the body can have the effects of activate the blood, get rid of the wind, insecticidal, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, relieve itching and pain and etc. Or it can exert the medicine therapy effects to get rid of the lesions.

4. Does Chinese fumigation is the most effective way to treat vitiligo?

· The modern Chinese medicine fumigation therapy used in our hospital is combined the traditional Chinese medicine with modern medical instruments. It is a newly therapy used to treat vitiligo. Is a modernized fumigation therapy, the Chinese medicine used to treat vitiligo act on the skin directly to exert the treatment effects and get rid of the lesions. Chinese medicines holds that the vitiligo causes by internal factors and external factors. The external factors are the evil wind attack the skin or external injuries, the internal factors are the seven human emotions includes joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and desire these seven emotions express improper cause the blood stasis in the meridians cause the skin and hairs lost nutrition and finally induce vitiligo. So from the Chinese medicine theory syndrome differentiation, the causes of vitiligo can divided into three aspects: disorder of qi and blood. The blood stasis in the meridians, the deficiency of liver and kidney.

so systemic treatments is necessary to treat vitiligo. The specialists in Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital indicates the Chinese medicine fumigation is a very effective treatment, but there are several points you need pay attention to.

1. Syndrome differentiation. There exist difference in the drug formulation of different vitiligo.

2. Find the true causes of vitiligo and then make treatment plan.

3. The causes of vitiligo are quite complex and need systemic treatment plan.

5. Does Chinese medicine fumigation have side effects?

Chinese medicine fumigation therapy is a very safe treatment, but the specialists from Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital indicates there are several points the patients need pay attention to during the fumigation period.

1. Take the Chinese medicine fumigation need to make sure the room have certain ventilation to prevent suffocate.

2. The patients with serious cardiovascular diseases should have someone accompany and receive the treatment under the professional Chinese medicine doctors.

3. The temperature of the steam should not too high and the time should not too long, it need the doctor to make treatment plan according to the patient’s physique condition.

6. Does the vitiligo patients can take the Chinese medicine fumigation therapy in their home?

The vitiligo patients can take the most simple and ancient fumigation therapy, but hard to achieve the ideal treatment effects.

If the vitiligo patients want to achieve ideal treatment effects, they need the doctor prescribe the Chinese medicine according to their vitiligo condition and physique condition in detail, choose the best medical instruments, set the precise time, temperature, dampness and etc. So for the best treatment effects, the specialist group who innovated the UM-D treatment system suggest the vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo under the professional doctor’s instruction.

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