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UM-D Multidimensional Diagnosis System for Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

UM-D Multidimensional Diagnosis System for Vitiligo

UM-D multidimensional diagnosis system is researched by Beijing zhongke vitiligo hospital’s experts groups combining more than 100 thousands vitiligo patients cases and vitiligo stubborn characteristic. It is system suitable for our hospital’s vitiligo assessment, diagnosis and treatment system.

The basic treatment of UMD multidimensional diagnosis system:

UM-D multidimensional diagnosis system can reasonably match traditional Chinese and western medicine according to vitiligo patients bodies’ degree of ups and downs of Yin and Yang and degree of bodies’ immunity disorder degree. External medicines can improve skin environment, promote melanophore proliferation and differentiation, accelerate the rapid recovery of skin color. Internal medicines can improve internal organs living environment, balance Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood, unchoke main and collateral channels, balance immunity. By using internal treatment and external treatment, these two methods can affect patients together.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicines for vitiligo treatment:

It can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, improve microcirculation, improve blood and oxygen supplement at lesion positions, promote tyrosinase synthesis, inhibit the growth of melanophore, activate and restore melanophore. By kidney regulation and stagnation resolution and tranquilization to reach the purpose the whole body’ Yin and Yang balance and immunity function coordination. And then prevent the recurrence of vitiligo after treatment.

The theory of modern medical science for vitiligo treatment:

First, intervene and organize sick melanophore copy and spreading to control the enlarge of vitiligo in a short time. By repairing melanophore with gene whose biologic chain has been cracked, to wide off the causes leading to melanophore metabolism disorder apoptosis. And then make sick melanophore restore to be normal. By improving lesion positions’ microcirculation to increase the effective perfusion of blood at lesion positions, ensure melanophore move independently, diffuse uniformly to white spots. Thus reaching the purpose of melanophore generation from endogenous, resolving depigmentation, stopping vitiligo development, restoring color and preventing recurrence.

UM-D multidimensional diagnosis system for vitiligo is the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicines, western medicines and modern medical equipments. It provides wide prospect for vitiligo patients.

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