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Does vitiligo related to genes

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Does vitiligo related to genes The vitiligo as a commonly known skin disease. The causes for individual is various. Because not even one patient experience same life.

Based on a large amount of the clinic test, it shows vitiligo also have certain inherent factor. and the vitiligo also tend to appear on other family members. According to the abroad research, for those patients with the positive family history, domestic also report that some vitiligo patients with a positive history. From the evidence above, There is also a high probability of a positive genetic inheritance on abroad.

Specialist point out that, the vitiligo also carry genes it self. It have been researched that this disease are characterized as autosomal dominant inheritance. However the statistic indicate recently years, the inherent way doesn’t correspond with the mendelian genetic law. But recently years have show that mode of inheritance is not that simple.

naih investigate 147 vitiligo families, thought vitiligo’s genetic background may in terms of multi-gene locuses. many scholars thought that vitiligo belong to the polygenic disease. Thus vitiligo with following characteristic.

1. The pathogenesis of vitiligo is influenced by genetic and environmental factors.

2. The genetic rate of vitiligo is very low, although the pathogenic genes can be passed down from generation to generation, but they are distributed in clinical practice, and there is no obvious continuous genetic phenomenon.

3. On the premise of having a genetic basis, the environment have a important impact to the vitiligo’s onset, and development. The person carrying a disease-causing genes may not be a patient, as long as they don’t contact with the environment inducing factors. it also can free of disease the whole life. On the contrary, you might get this disease on any time when you expose under the inducing factors, if we take the genetic factor as the seed of the disease, thus the environment factors will be as the soil to facilitate disease growing. If there is no environment factor stumulus, the vitiligo don’t have the chance to occur and develop.

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