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Trace Elements Examination

Why Should Vitiligo Patients Do Trace Elements Examinations?

Inorganic elements examinations means to trace elements examinations. The onset of vitiligo has certain relation with trace elements. Trace elements examination is one important method to find out the causes of vitiligo patients. The deficiency of copper element can induce vitiligo. Clinical researches find that, copper and zinc are related to human various important enzymes. And the key enzyme to synthesize melanin - tyrosinase contains copper element. Zinc is the necessary trace element for cell growth and reproduction. Tyrosinase also has requirements to zinc. If serum copper and ceruloplasmin decrease, it will lead to melanin synthesis decrease and slow down.Therefore, trace elements examination is very important to synthesized vitiligo causes.

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What Are The Trace Elements To Participate In Melanophore Synthesis

Copper, zinc, selenium and iodine can directly participate in melanophore synthesis, and protect melanophore from heavy metal toxic substance damage. Researches find that, trace elements deficiency and proportion disorder can lead to melanophore synthesis disorder.

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Are all Vitiligo Patients Are Caused By Trace Elements Deficiency

Vitiligo can be induced by various reasons, such as genetic factors, neuropsychical factor, chemical substance factor, tyrosinase, trace elements deficiency, infection factor, trauma and etc. Trace element is just one reason among them. Therefore, even if some vitiligo patients seem to be of the same vitiligo condition, the same treatment may be effective to some patients, and noneffective to others. Therefore, it is quite necessary ti analyze vitiligo causes under the guidance of vitiligo experts. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital experts group suggests that vitiligo patients can not diagnose causes by themselves, because it will not only delay treatment time, but also aggravate vitiligo condition and financial loss.

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Can Vitiligo Be Cured By Eating Food To Supplement Trace Elements

Some vitiligo patients ask can vitiligo be cured if they eat more food containing abundant copper, such as bean, whole meal, volvaria volvacea, peanut, honey, animal livers, shell and etc.

Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital experts group suggests that, as what mentioned before, vitiligo is caused by various reasons and the treatment difficulty is big. Just rely on diet to supplement trace elements can not cure it at all. Vitiligo treatment need scientific analysis and treatment plans, can not be cured easily. Supplement trace elements can help patients, but can not play key role. If your vitiligo is of long time, we suggest you can go to specialized vitiligo hospital to timely treat it lest delaying your condition.

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