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Epidermal Grafting to Treat Vitiligo

UM-D multi-demsions treatment system: one of the assistant treatment methods- skin epidermal grafting to treat vitiligo

Epidermal Grafting to Treat Vitiligo

1) What is autologous epidermal grafting surgery to treat vitiligo?

Epidermal grafting surgery to treat vitiligo is to apply the principle of Instrument pressure. It will transplant the normal part skin epidermis layer to white lesion region, increasing the amount of melancytes in the skin lesion region.

Suction blister transplantation it means the epidermis and dermis will be separated to form blister under effect of the 200 mmHg negative pressure. Blister wall contains some active melancytes, we will transplant the blister skin to white spot region that the epidermal layer have been remove by skin grind or frozen liquid nitrogen. Bandage and fixation. The wound will heal around 7 days, the pigment will expand in the vitiligo area until it present the normal skin color.

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2) How they do the epidermal grafting

We generally applied porous suction cups place in a vitiligo patients lesion and donor site, we choose abdomen and medial aspect of thigh skin, mean time under 30 to 60 KPa negative pressure suction blister, separate epidermis and dermis layer of skin. When blister appear, remove the blister epidermis of the white spot. Put donor site blister epidermis on the white spot area. Compression bandage make the donor site melancytes growing on the white spot, melanin from the donor site will make up for the lack of melanin of white spot area.

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3) What kind of the skin is fit to do skin epidermal grafting?

The stable segmental vitiligo type and localized vitiligo, and not response to other treatment at all.

Which part shall we choose for the skin epidermis transplantation? The donor site should choose lumbosacral region and thigh root region part skin.

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4) How is the effect of the skin epidermis transplantation treatment?

The statistic indicates that the autologous epidermis transplantation have a very good effect for the stubborn vitiligo patients on stable period. At the same time it will improve the treatment effect before and after the transplantation by using the photo chemotherapy. Many of the specialized hospital have carried out this therapy, the success rate is reach to 80% to 90% or higher than 90%. Our patients is quite satisfied with the treatment effect.

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5) How long is the effective of transplanted epidermis?

Generally the epidermis will produce pigment after two weeks, three to six months the pigment's expansion will beyond limitation. The pigment region can expand larger 25 times than origin. But the skin epidermis transplantation have the high demand to the operator and the equipment. Getting skin, bandaging and dermabrasion are the key of this therapy that determined the effect of this disease. Specialist hospital has seen many cases have this disease, they are more experienced than general hospital and small clinic.

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6) What they need to pay attention for the skin epidermis transplantation vitiligo patient?

Onset of vitiligo is related to the trauma.

With isomorphic reaction and the development of the vitiligo should avoid this therapy.

The separator hard to correspond to separate the epidermis of the roughly skin should set on higher temperature and negative pressure.

The donor site will choose abdomen or medial thigh flat region.

The donor site should shave the hair when it located on the eyebrow, and the scalp area.

The separator several blisters in the round holes are integrate to a half big blister, it indicates that the epidermis have been separate completely, at that time we can remove the separator.

Grinding method must control the depth, the trauma look like spot bleeding. The grafted epidermis is hard to success if it is too shallow, it easily to form scar if it's too deep.

Strictly sterile operating, incase the secondary infection. We use the 0.1% benzalkonium bromide to disinfect the skin. the operation site should avoid water within 7-10days.

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7) Epidermal skin grafting surgery has side effects?

The advantages of this treatment is faster treatment effects, small wound, can achieve satisfied treatment effects but avoid to damage the dermis and will not leave the scars. But it demand advanced equipment. This surgery with shorter time but it might cause the skin unevenly.

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8) Does the epidermal skin grafting surgery is the best way to treat vitiligo? can it cure vitiligo completely?

Although this therapy have faster and better treatment effects, but it is not suitable apply to most of the development vitiligo patients. For vitiligo patients, any single treatment is very hard to cure vitiligo. vitiligo although is only a skin disease, but it relevant to many systems such as genetic system, immune system ( antibodies, immunity, interleukin ), deficiency of trace elements, metabolism ( free radicals and etc), endocrine ( thyroid gland) and etc. so topical treatment is not the most perfect treatment. from the aspect of Chinese medicine, the formation of vitiligo closely related with the infections, qi and blood, Yin and Yang and internal organs. The treatment principle of Beijing CASU Vitiligo multidimensional treatment system put forward the holistic evaluation, diagnosis and treatment is the precondition of the vitiligo recovery.

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