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What Are The Early Symptoms of Vitiligo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Vitiligo TreatmentThe public usually believe the vitiligo is a skin disease that easy to be discovered but hard to be cured. However, it is not totally true.For some early or atypical cases, lots of dermatologists with abundant experience also feel difficult to determine the disease during the diagnosis, because during the starting stage of vitiligo, the depigmentation happens with a slight degree and the edges of the white spots usually unclear with normal skin. Nevertheless, the starting stage vitiligo has it unique characters:

1. The patients usually gain white spots at the early stage, without the itch or pain or other symptoms.The rounded or oval white spots appears on a part of the skin, the white spots don’t have scales, the surface is smooth, in light white color and with clear edges. With the developing of the vitiligo, the number of white spots will increase and the size will enlarge and connect each other to form the island shape white patches. The island shape white patches bring an enormous influence on patients’ appearance, the public should pay more attention to prevent the vitiligo.

2. The early stage of vitiligo present bounded, usually happens on a nerve segment on the patients’ body. The depigmentation areas are rare, normally only 1-2 pieces and majority happen on the exposed skin. If the patients did not treat the vitiligo in time, with the shift of time, the near by white spots could connect each other to form s white patch. Sometimes, the normal skin is mixed in the white spots area, and people could misunderstand it as pigmentation, the patients should notice and understand it.

3. Besides the depigmentation, the depigmentation area will be same as surrounding areas, without the dermatitis or other symptoms. After a period of the starting stage of vitiligo, the new symptoms could appear. At some edges of new appeared white spots, a slight bulge of dark red dermatitis could happens and easy to be ignored by the patients, thus, influence the diagnosis of vitiligo. When the patients’ skin received the UV light, the white spots could have a burn symptom easily, and bring a big influence on patients’ mind and body.

For those patients who couldn’t determine their disease for now, please do not use the medicines blindly. The patient should cooperate with the dermatologists and check with dermatologists periodically to determine the disease earlier and take the proper treatments in time.

The vitiligo is easier to be cured in the earlier stage. However, the size of white spots are small and not obviously during starting stage, many patients may not pay enough attention on it, until the vitiligo spread. The spread vitiligo is harder to be cured. Thus, when people find they might have the vitiligo, please find the pathogenesis earlier, and treat it with scientific, systemic therapy.

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    Q :What Are The Early Symptoms of Vitiligo

    A:The public usually believe the vitiligo is a skin disease that easy to be discovered but hard to be cured. However, it is not totally true.For some early or atypical cases, lots of dermatologists with abundant experience also feel difficult....

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