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Q :Why The Recovery Speed Is Various For Vitiligo Patients

A:In the vitiligo clinic, the recovery speed of patients are various. Through the aspect of patients, the therapy is more effective if the vitiligo is recovered faster. However, it is hard to be controlled. In fact, it is usually seem on any..[read more]

Q :If The Vitiligo Patients Should Take Long-Term Medicines?

A:The vitiligo is a chronic disease and vitiligo patients should take the medicines consistently in a long term to treat the vitiligo. However, lots of patients have this feeling that the effect of the medicine is obviously at first time, aft..[read more]

Q :Will The Overexposure To The Sunshine Lead The Vitiligo?

A:Lots of clinical researches present, the incipient vitiligo usually happens on exposed areas. The happens of vitiligo is roughly 95% relative to seasons, especially during the end of spring and start of summer, the vitiligo is easier spread..[read more]

Q :What Are The Early Symptoms of Vitiligo

A:The public usually believe the vitiligo is a skin disease that easy to be discovered but hard to be cured. However, it is not totally true.For some early or atypical cases, lots of dermatologists with abundant experience also feel difficult..[read more]

Q :What Are The Symptoms of Vitiligo?

A:1. The tags of vitiligo patients. --The symptoms of vitiligo 1) . The location of vitiligo: The vitiligo is easy appears on the area received sunshine or friction frequently, such as face, neck, belly, arm, and the backside of finger. 2) Th..[read more]

Q :The Secret of Vitiligo and Overexposure to the Sun.

A:According the a lot of clinic researches, the whites patches usually start from the skin area which overexposed to the sun. The main causes of vitiligo are the significant lack of melanin and melanin particles, or the entirely absent of mel..[read more]

Q :Why the Vitiligo Found You? -- Part I

A:1. The mysterious causes of vitiligo. 1) . The causes of vitiligo closely relate to the mental state: The formation of melanin (the black pigment) is promoted by the regulation of neurohumor, thus, the causes of vitiligo is closely relate t..[read more]

Q :Who is affected by vitiligo?

A:About 0.5 to 1 percent of the worlds population have vitiligo. The average age of onset is in the mid-twenties, but it can appear at any age. The disorder affects both sexes and all races equally; however, it is more noticeable in people wi..[read more]

Q :Is vitiligo contagious?

A:Vitiligo is NOT contagious. It cannot be passed on or caught from touching someone with vitiligo, shaking hands, swimming in the same pool, sharing towels, sitting next to someone in sauna, using the same sporting equipment, or eating food..[read more]

Q :Can chemicals cause vitiligo?

A:Yes, certain chemicals can, indeed, induce or worsen vitiligo. Most commonly they include phenols, such as 4-tertiary-butyl phenol (4-TBP, found in adhesives) or 4-tertiary-butyl catechol (4-TBC, found in rubber and other products). There a..[read more]