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Li Zhuoxu - Vitiligo Doctor

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

li zhuoxu vitiligo doctors

Li Zhuoxu Chief Physician Member of Expert Team

Has been specializing in research and treatment of vitiligo for more than 20 years, he obtained certain experiences in theory and treatment of this disease. In April 1999, he took part in the Third National Specialty Medical Seminars and his paper Observation and Research on Vitiligo Treatment with TCM to Improve Micro-circulation gained attraction and was chosen into national publication-China’s Modern Paper Collection of Specialized Disease; In 2001, his paper Give Your Healthy Skin Back, From Improving Micro-circulation to Prevention and Treatment of Vitiligo, Treatment of Vitiligo with Integration of TCM and Western Medicine, Prevention and Treatment of Vitiligo, etc. were published successively.

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