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Zhao MingGuo

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Dr.Zhao Mingguo

Deputy Chief Physician

The chief physician in Beijing Zhongke vitiligo hospital. Member of Beijing Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine

Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Member of China Association of Chinese Medicine

Member of Chinese Physicians' Association

He has been engaged in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo for more than 30 years advocating patient-centered work principles with rich clinical experience. He is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo in various types and stages, especially for severe vitiligo patients with "long disease duration and large decolorization area".He advocates the combination of " internal and external combination", accurate diagnosis and fine treatment, so as to returning skin color back. Over the past years, he has helped tens of thousands of vitiligo patients recover from skin problems. He has been interviewed by media for many times, and his excellent medical skills have been highly recognized by patients and other experts.

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