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Liu Yuntao - Vitiligo Doctor

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

vitiligo doctors

The UM-D Expert panel memer

committee member of skin disease Specialized Committee in China traditional medical association.

One of founders of Zhong Ke UM-D multi-dimensional diagnose and treatment system.

He had devoted himself in the hospital studying of vitiligo. He has made effective countermeasure and solutions to control the expanding of the white patches, and restore the mucous membrane, hair, and skin color, and prevent the vitiligo rebound again. He proposed and advocated the safe principle in treating vitiligo. He cures this disease without using hormones and damaging the liver and kidney, gastrointestinal system. It has achieved the good effects based on his thirty years clinic experience. He established the UM-D multidimensional vitiligo diagnoses and treatment system, have cured large amount of adolescents their white patches are more than 65 %.

He said if the choice is made wrongly, the effort would be wasted. This is one thing that I rally want to speak to the vitiligo patients.

Choice determines your goal, the goal determines the methods that you are going to use, the methods determine ending. When the ending is very miserable, the effort and money would be wasted, it is all due to the wrong choice made at the beginning.

So as a good physician must know the vitiligo types and pathogenesis of this disease, clear about the treatment goals and Foresee the future treatment of vitiligo this disease, control the treatment progress, and treat this disease in a scientific way.

He have been engaging vitiligo treatment thirty years, he have leaded and established the UM-D multi-dimensional vitiligo diagnose and treatment system.

He is good at to treating the generalized vitiligo,universal vitiligo type, localized type,Mucosal Vitiligo, Focal Vitiligo ,Acrofacial Vitiligo and segmental vitiligo type.

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