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Three Dimensional CT Skin

Source: Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Three Dimensional CT Skin

Three dimensional CT skin is a complex instruments which is based on the principle of optical focusing, using three-dimensional computer tomography technology and intuitive real-time and dynamic observation of skin disease occur, development, curative effect and skin lesions of advanced detection and treatment . Compared with the traditional pathological biopsy, it has couple of advantages such as: no invasive painless, high degree patient comfort and rapid examination and ect, the patient have a high compliance to it. According to the clinical study found of Beijing Meidi TCM skin disease hospital vitiligo: 3D CT skin can not only identify the symptoms for vitiligo, but also specifically analysis the conditions of skin lesions and melanin depigmentation degree. Meanwhile , 3D CT skin can also effectively treat on vitiligo , that is to say, 3D CT skin is not only a detector, which is also a therapeutic instrument , it is the new breakthrough of world vitiligo clinically . The emergency of the 3D CT skin imaging detection system isthe most reliable basis of diagnosising of patients with refractory vitiligo , applying the 3D skin CT to all kinds of long-term vitiligo patients can directly scan out of the number of white spots of subcutaneous melanoma cells or whether melanin cell is existing, and it provides a reliable basis for the vitiligo treatment .

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