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Merry Christmas

Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

In the Christmas Eve of every year, to make the vitiligo patients feel the care and warmth in our hospital, further to improve the relationship between the patients and medical workers, under the leader of Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo Hospital, the medical workers send boxes of apples to launch the activity of sending apples to distributing blessings. When one and another apples send to patients hands, the patients smiled and touched by us, when words you had a long day, wish you and your family members have a happy Christmas. In that moment, we feel the whole winter no longer cold.

Every time when we ask the feelings of the patients when they received the apples, the patients said they feel very warm and moved inside although the weather is cold when the experts send them apples and gifts when they are busy to find a cure for their vitiligo.

Although an apple is not eye catching, a simple Christmas gift is not worth too much money, it present the blessings of our hospital's best blessings for the patients, through this activity, we send apples to patients, we make them feel the warm of our hospital, make the relationship between the medical workers and patients more harmonious.

The responsible person in Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo Hospital said our family members all wish their loved one peace in their whole life, the blessing for peace in the Christmas Eve by sending apple not only is an activity we show our care to the patients and their family members, it also the best wishes of us to every patients, wish them recovered when they check out.

How to Diagnose Vitiligo


The specialized vitiligo diagnosis includes tyrosinase test, melanocyte test, immune system test, the trace elements test and so on.


Vitiligo Medicial

vitiligo medicial

Our hospital combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with medical instruments, silicon light, carbon light and so on to treat vitiligo.


Vitiligo Equipment

vitiligo equipment

There are some large scale medical instruments in our hospital to treat vitiligo such as UVB , 308 eximer laser and so on.


Christmas Activities


1.One day tour in the Forbidden City

2.Night traveling Wangfujing snacks street

3.A small gift

4.Self helping buffet

* The Foreign Patients Who Make an Appointment In Advance and Hospitalized in Our Hospital From December 2016 to January 2017 Only

Vitiligo Diet

Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Alcohol

For many vitiligo patients, especially man vitiligo patient, they may have a habit, that is drinking alcohol. But after they get vitiligo, they will doubt whether they can drink alcohol or not. And whether alcohol can aggravate vitiligo patients' vitiligo condition not. In clinic, it is found that some foods surely can trigger ..

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Vitiligo Cases

  • Kamil from Poland with vitiligo

    Wangdongchang from China

    He have vitiligo 2 years ,vitiligo on his leg and neck ,he is revice UM-D Therapy.

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  • A womam with vitiligo from Mongolia

    A womam from Mongolia

    She has vitiligo 3 years, vitiligo on her waistand legs,after 15 days treatment have obvious improvement..

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  • Vitiligo Patients from China

    Vitiligo Patients from China

    Vitiligo on their hand ,head,neck,waist,they are accepting formal and systematic vitiligo treatment .

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  • A Woman with Vitiligo On Hand from Indonesia

    A Woman with Vitiligo On Hand from Indonesia

    She is from indonesia and has vitiligo 10 years,She is so glad that the UM-D can cure her vitiligo.

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  • A Girl with vitiligo on forehead from Sudan

    A Girl with vitiligo on forehead from Sudan

    Vitiligo make her lost confidence and sad, but after the treatment of UM-D, she get her confidence again.

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  • A Beautiful American Girl with vitiligo

    A Beautiful American Girl

    She has vitiligo on back and arms,that have 3years,she want to get rid of vitiligo.

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  • A Cute Chinese Girl Received Christmas Gift

    A Cute Chinese Girl Received Christmas Gift

    She is from china,vitiligo on her body,now her vitiligo has cured ,she very happy.

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  • A Man from India with Vitiligo on His face

    A Man from India with Vitiligo on His face

    He is from india,work on Embassy in China.he suffered from vitiligo for about 15 years...

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  • Image-2

    Gaofeng from china with Vitiligo

    Gaofeng has vitiligo 12 years ,vitiligo on his face ,neck and hand.....

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