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UM-D - NBUVB Treatment for Vitiligo

About Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is classified UVA, UVB, UVC wave. Every wave band plays a different role in our daily life. In this article I will introduce more detail about these three different ultraviolet light.

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UVA Wave Band

Wave length between 320~400nm called long wave black spot effect ultraviolet ray. It has a very strong penetration power to penetrate transparent glass and plastic. Sunlight contains long wave ultraviolet that 98% can penetrate ozone sphere and atmosphere to the surface of the land. UVA can directly penetrate into epidermis of skin destroying the elastic plastic and collagen fiber, so the skin color will become deeper. 360nm wave length UVA ray is according with the reaction curve of phototaxis of insecta. 300-420 nm wave length UVA ultraviolet rays can penetrate to the Special colored glass tubes which cut off the visible light. It only radiates nearly UV light in a 365nm center. 300-420nm wave length can use to be currency detector, and Ore appraisal, stage decoration lamp.

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UVB Wave Length Band

Wave length between 275 to 320nm is also called middle wave erythemal effects ultraviolet ray which wave have middle penetration power. The shorter part of wave will be absorbed by the transparent windows. The most of the middle UV ray in the light are absorbed by ozone sphere, only 2% of the middle wave UV ray are reach to the surface of the earth, the UV light will be strong on the summer and afternoon. UVB UV ray have erythemal effect to human body and facilitate syntheses of the Vitamin D and metabolism of mineral substance. But it will cause the skin tanning after a long term irradiation, and lead to red swollen and skin peeling. The Lamps for plant growing are made by using the special purple glass and the fluorescent powder which the peak near of 300nm.

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UVC Wave Length Band

UVC wave band wave length between 200 to 275nm it also called shorter wave sterilization UV ray, its penetration power is weaker, and it difficulty to penetrate to the most of the transparent glass and plastic. The shorter wave UV in sun light ray is almost absorbed by ozone sphere. The short wave UV ray has a great harm to the human body, it can burn skin during the short time irradiation, and it also will cause the skin cancer under the long tern and high power irradiation. The emitted from the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the UVC shorter wave UV ray.

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How Does NB-UVB Treat Vitiligo

NB-UVB is one of the assistant therapies about UM-D multi dimension system.

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What Is The NB-UVB Therapy

We make use of NB-UVB 311nm-312nm light to treat vitiligo and promote the local melancytes growing. NB-UVB will produce many kinds of cytokines including IL-1, leukotrienes, and tumor necrosis factors which stimulate the no pigment melanin cell proliferation produce the melanin and migrate to the depigmentation part restore the pigment color. At same time NB-UVB immunosuppressive effect can prevent the migrating and proliferating melancytes are destroyed.

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Which Type of Vitiligo Is Fit To Use NB-UVB Therapy

NB-UVB is use for abroad indications and simple to operate. For example the patients are sensitive to phototherapy and their vitiligo is at developing and stabilized period. For the vulgaris vitiligo: 1. focal type 2. Distributed type generalized type and acrofacial type. But some of the segmental vitiligo type patients can use this therapy.

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How is The Efficacy of Using NB-UVB Therapy To Treat Vitiligo

Based on the research, NB-UVB treat vitiligo the effective rate up to 75%, various treatment periods, degrees have the obvious difference for the efficacy. Previously most of the Doctor are using PUVA device, this method need to take psoralen drugs, but the side effect is unbearable for most of the patients. NB_UVB team members release narrow wave UVB ray in a maximum limit, make skin exposed to the redundant UV rays minimum limit. Thus solve this problem. (Wave length 311nm-312nm is the most effective part of the natural sun light) It greatly reduce the incidence of the UV harming when the vitiligo patients using photochemical therapy. Meantime the patient can avoid the side effects of psoralen during the PUVA therapy. Because of the NB-UVB therapy no need to take any ancillary drugs. So it makes NB-UVB therapy is popular accepted wildly by the doctors and patients.

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Why Using NB-UVB Is Not Effective? How Long We Can See the Effect After Using The NB-UVB

Data analysis showed that the course of the disease shorter will have a better effect (1-5years). It possibly because the patients white part is at the stabilized stage at the first 1 to 5 years. the melancytes is at the slow regenerated status, the color restoring speed is fast than the discolored. And when the disease is less than one year, melancytes are destroyed at white area, the melanin also will lost fast. The color restoring process is slow especially at the developing period, T lymphocytes and the epidermal cell factor is active which make the local microenvironment alter comparing with the stable period. The progressive stage will produce some oxidative response after phototherapy so that affect the treatment result. The most of active melancytes are damaged in the white spot area for those patients with five years vitiligo, so that the color restoration process is slow, but over all the melancytes is on a stable status at the white spot area. When the lesion part is less than year, the restoration process is fast than the white spot exceed one year. Comparing the stable and developing stage effect, we think the shorter course of disease and the stage of the vitiligo will determine the NB-UVB treatment effect.

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Any Side Affect Use The NB-UVB Therapy

Through releasing of the effective UV ray wave length from311nm to 312nm, eliminate the others excessive and harmful UV ray, the traditional UVB lamp can irradiate the UV ray range from 280nm to 330nm. Clinical research shows that the UV ray wave from 295nm to 313 nm is most effective to treat the vitiligo, but if the wave length is less than 300nm, it may cause the skin cancer and skin burning, or other disease. So from 311nm to 313nm UV ray is the most safe range UV ray. So the patients should not use the phototherapy randomly. The vitiligo patients must be guided under the specialist and make a fit irradiation plan, such as the dosage of the irradiation, the time of the irradiation can decide the treatment effects. When you are guided under the specialist it can ensure you have the best treatment effect and experience fewer side effects, but I have to say that using several times of UV light will not cure the vitiligo this disease. Wave length from 310to 313nm is called narrow band ultraviolet ray (NBUVB), it integrates the biological activity most strong part act on the lesion part. At the same time filter out the harmful UV ray. The NB-UVB have a less side effects, and direct act on the skin keratoderma, You can see the effect fast at a short time, this therapy have been generalized used on the patients with the psoriasis and vitiligo, chronic eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, palmoplantar pustulosis, pityriasis rosea, alopecia areata, deputy psoriasis, chronic skin ulcer's treatment by many large scale hospitals.

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NB-UVB Is The Best Way To treat Vitiligo? Can Vitiligo Can Be Cure Completely

NB-UVB as one of the effective measures in treating vitiligo, but not any treatment can cure any disease, it needs the relevant indications and dosage, and fit for different kinds of sensitive population, and combine with the different therapies.

Beijing Chongke vitiligo hsoptial UM-D multi-demention dignoses and treatment system specialists indicate that the treatment of the vitiligo not only focus on the external skin color restoring, but also should focus on the internal cause of this disease. The systemic treatment also needs to consider about the whole factors human body. Blood test including the immunity test and microelement, and enzymes, biochemical examination. confocal laser scanning microscopy, wood lamp test, and combine with the Traditional Chinese medicine and the Chinese patent medicine, and the Chinese medicated bath, Triple therapy, electacupuncture, silicon light, carbon light, and light therapy.

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