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Anti-Free Radicals Therapy for Vitiligo

Is There Unique Treatment Method for Vitiligo

During body metabolism process, protein, lipid, low molecular compound' auto-oxidation, aquo-complex and other biomolecule decomposition will continue generating free radical that are harmful to cells. Normal human body's SOD enzyme, CAT, GSH-PX, low molecular compound, VIT-E, VIT-C will be helpful to clean the harmful substances in human body.

Skin will generate various free radical because of ultraviolet ray irradiation. Epidermis cells' oxygen radical, such as O2, OH having cell toxicity. When skin melanophore(MC) is damaged by free radical, it will lead to the onset of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a stubborn and intractable disease, anti-free treatment will provide new thinking and methods for vitiligo expand treatment.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital UMD experts group specialists think that in human body cells defense system, SOD enzyme(Cu-SOD, Zn-SOD, Mn-SOD) is the main enzyme to clean free radical. The detective SOD enzyme has special guidance significance to vitiligo treatment.

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Free Radical's Damages to Vitiligo Patients

What are the main expressions of free radical's side effect to vitiligo patients?

First, it can destroy cytomembrane. Then it will make serum antiprotease lose activity.

Second, it will damage gene and affect cytometaplasia' present and accumulation. For vitiligo patients, free radical mainly damage melanophore. Melanophore is the place for melanin generation. If melanophore is damaged, melanin synthesis will decrease.

For example, when you are cooking, the lampblack contains free radical. And the lampblack's free radical will make the housewife and chef have high rate to get lung lesion and tumour than other people. Besides, there are some harmful substances in cigarettes. Except from nicotine, free radical also has huge damage.

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Anti-free Radical Methods For Vitiligo Treatment

O3 treatment is a new type physical intervention therapy, which is a kind of non-drug treatment. But the effect is far better than medicines, and it is safe, high effective, comprehensive, no toxicity and no side effect. It is a new treatment for vitiligo treatment replacing medicines treatment and surgery treatment.

O3 can activate glutathione enzyme, catalase and SOD ( superoxide dismutase ), which is beneficial to clean free radical. These have obvious effect to decrease high blood fat and blood viscosity.

What's more, there are researches indicating that among 180 kinds traditional Chinese medicines, there are 44 kinds anti-free radical Chinese medicines. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicines play a good effect on vitiligo treatment.

Beijing CASU vitiligo Hospital UM-D experts group includes lots of valuable experiences in the new vitiligo treatment researches. At the same time, these new therapies for vitiligo will make positive contribution for human to compete vitiligo.

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